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Demanding disability rights.Would you like someone to come with you to meetings and help you say what you want?

Advocacy is another name for helping someone say what they want.



AN advocate.

An ADVOCATE is someone who can go to meetings and speak on your behalf.



ChecklistYou can get an Advocate if:

  • You sometimes need help to ask questions.
  • You need help to say what you think and telling people what you want.
  • You sometimes need help to understand what is being said to you.

An advocate at workAn Advocate can also find out things for you if you want them to.

We will match you with someone who will help you say what you want.



ConfidentialityWe don’t share your personal information with other people, unless you want us to.



We are Independent.


This means we are separate from Social Work and the Health Service.

We work for YOU.



Our service is free.Lomond & Argyll Advocacy Service is free of charge.

Phone us now on: 01546 606056.


Lomond & Argyll Advocacy Service is a non-profit company limited by guarantee and a recognised Scotish Charity.


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