What is Advocacy?

ADVOCACY is about giving people a stronger voice.

It helps individuals speak up for themselves –

  • to make their wishes known
  • to understand the options open to them
  • to claim their rights
  • to defend their interests
  • to ensure that their voice is heard.


An example of how one-to-one advocacy helped someone.
©  Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance   (2min 58sec.)
©  Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance   (2min 58sec.)

ADVOCACY matters because it…

  • safeguards people who are vulnerable, or discriminated against
  • empowers people who need a stronger voice by enabling them to express their own needs and make their own decisions
  • helps people to get access to information and explore options
  • to defend their interests
  • ensures that people can speak effectively to the services that matter to them.

We aim to provide independent advocacy to adults in our priority groups: adults with a learning disability, adults who use mental health services and people over 65.