What to Expect from your Advocate

Your Advocate:

  • is on your side, independent, and loyal to you and only you.
  • will give you time, attention, support,assistance, trust, respect, and total confidentiality.
  • will try to understand your situation and what may be stopping you from getting the outcomes you want.
  • will be punctual, honest, reliable,non-judgmental, open, trained, and professional.
  • will help you gather information, understand your options and what the consequences of your choices may be.
  • will help you speak out, say what you want to say.
  • Your advocate will act within the law.

Your Advocate:

  • will not give advice, do everything for you, or solve all your problems.
  • will not provide help with shopping, managing finances, or any other practical support.
  • will not ‘befriend’ you.
  • will not promise you will get what you want.
  • will not receive special treatment from existing services.
  • will not give you their opinions or tell you what they think you should do.
  • will not make decisions on your behalf.
  • will not reveal or seek information about you without your agreement.
  • will not speak for you if you are able to express your own view yourself.

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