Chris’s Story


hris first heard about the advocacy service from a friend at the day centre he attends.  He contacted the organisation to ask for an advocate to help him to speak to someone about very noisy neighbours. He said that he had tried to deal with this over several months but he felt that no one was listening to him.

The advocate helped him to explain his concerns to the agency responsible for letting the neighbour’s flat. This seems to have helped as he is now much less disturbed by loud noise from the neighbour’s flat.

Whilst the advocate was supporting him with that problem, Chris also spoke about the fact that his sight, which already had been very poor, was getting much worse. He said that he was now unable to cook or make a cup of tea, as he was concerned that he might scald or burn himself. The advocate helped him to find out what support he might be able to get.

With his advocate’s support Chris contacted the Social Work department and the RNIB. The Social Work department told Chris that someone from the RNIB would visit Chris to assess what support he needed. When after some time Chris had not had any contact from the RNIB his advocate contacted them on his behalf. Very soon after that contact someone from RNIB visited Chris and he now has the support he needs to help him manage at home.

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Note: Whilst this is a true story, all names and images have been changed in the interests of privacy.